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Super Super Market

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I had a fantastic time last weekend at my first ever market. The folks at Glasgow Super Market were so friendly and so were all the other stall holders and visitors. The space (The Engine Works) is absolutely gorgeous and I can see why they have weddings there! Many thanks to Super Market Events for having me and to GSA Enterprise Studio for setting up the opportunity!

I launched my new collection of prints and products at the market and these will be going online very soon (will send out an e-mail so make sure you are signed up!). In the mean time check out my stand and all the lovely things on display…


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New Collection to be launched at Glasgow Super Market this Sunday

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I will be launching a new collection range of textiles and products available exclusively at Glasgow Super Market this Sunday.

It is running from 11 - 5 this Sunday the 4th of August at the Engine Works (23-25 Lochburn Rd, Wyndford, Glasgow G20 9AE).

More info here:

Please come along and tell your friends as I would love to see some friendly faces, this is my first market and I am a little bit nervous!


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Printing Again!

I’m so happy to start printing my new collection. It is a lovely feeling to see designs I have been working on come to life. The fabric is washed and pressed and then I lay out my blocks, have a cup of coffee and visualise the print. I then start printing, sometimes pausing for another cuppa, sometimes I print really quickly and sometimes I leave a fews hours or even a day to think about the composition.


Before I started printing I colour tested my inks and blocks…


I’ll post the final collection here when it’s finished (I can’t wait!!) I’ll have new prints and some lovely new products too - yippee!

In Good Company

In Good Company [3]

Another edition of In Good Company where I pick some of my favourite makers and designers to share with you. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please comment below!

Claire Ritchie

I love Australian design, it is so vibrant and colourful (must be all that sunshine they have!). Claire is one of my favourites and I love seeing her work pop up on my Instagram feed.

Tansan Design Studio

Love love love these fabrics and wish I could have everything they make! Based in Japan Tansan Studio produce so many wonderful designs, I wonder when they find the time to sleep! Again, an other colourful design studio to brighten up your Instagram feed.

Kara Leigh Ford: Pottery

Another talented ceramist ! Look at these fantastic reusable cups by Kara Leigh, based in Somerset UK. Most of her work is on my ‘to buy’ list! So beautiful, I just love the colour of the glazes, check out her online shop here…

In Good Company is a blog series by Kat Rulach of KYE design studio where I pick my favourite artists and designers and share their work. I love the community of designers and makers and this is my little way to say “hey, I love your work!”

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My First Market!

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I'm happy to announce that I will selling KYE products at the fantastic Glasgow Super Market on the 4th of August. This will be at the beautiful Engine Works in the West End of Glasgow. (Facebook event page here). I will be selling exclusive items made from my graduate collection as well as brand new designs. Please invite anyone who you think might like it. Hopefully see you there (I'll start practising my best market trader chat!)