March Meet The Maker [week 2]

Are you taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker? I am! And I thought I would share the first few posts here for those who might have missed out on Instagram (darn those algorithms!) Here is part 2, you can see all the posts here.

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Day 8 - Product range

It is very early days for KYE as a business so I have quite a small product range. There's the Bespoke Wall Hanging (chose your letters and pattern), the Mini Wall Hanging (your initial and choice of colour) and the Alphabet Wall Hanging (all the letters!). Oh, and just added to the shop the 'Petals' risograph print!

I'm hoping to develop a larger collection for later in the this space. .


Day 9 - Story behind the name


I've talked a little bit about this before but in case you missed it... 'Kye' (pronounced as in 'sky') is taken from the Cornish word for dog which was also the name of my pooch 🐕 when I was little. My dad then used the name for a computer game he created back in the 90s 💾. I was rubbish at playing the game but you could design your own levels and so I would use this feature to create patterns! You can still play Kye if you have a search on Google 🤓 (Wikipedia: Kye - video game)


Day 10 - You

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 11.55.07.png

Mega-cringe! I hate having my photo taken and being 8 months pregnant isn't when you are the most photogenic! My poor husband had to take this picture and I'm not going to lie it took about a million attempts, an outfit change and some serious criticism of his photography skills (sorry Rob!) About me> I'm Kat! 31, originally from Cornwall and now living in the brilliant Glasgow. Pop fact: I used to work in music as an artist manager but I had a change of direction and ended up studying textiles at art school.


Day 11 - Reducing waste

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 11.55.57.png

This is a really important part of my design process and values I want to keep central to KYE. I use woodblock printing for my textiles because I love the texture and unique quality of the print but also as a sustainable alternative to silkscreen printing. Woodblock printing uses less water and ink and completely eliminates the process of washing screens where ink is let into our waterways. I design my products to use the complete width of a fabric roll, everything gets used and all materials are seen as precious. I use recycled papers and limited packaging when shipping my products. 

When I was studying at @glasgowschoolart I was part of an excellent group of students who campaigned and supported sustainable design thinking. You can check them out at @re_ad_society 


Day 12 - Hands at work


Printing hands! A little video of me woodblock printing. You need steady hands for this and there's no room for error, I like the quiet nature of woodblock printing but it can be tough when there is a lot of printing to be done. I try to break it up with other tasks instead of mega print days to save my hands 🤲


Day 13 - Photography


Photography is definitely not my best skill! I take most of my photos on my phone but would love to get some more professional images of my work taken at some point. My studio is my tenement flat - best thing about these flats it the huge windows and massive amounts of natural light. 
This is the recent project I have shown you snippets of recently... A set of special cushions for a guest house in Italy (@le_mole_sul_farfa). I really enjoyed working on a brief to create these designs for such a beautiful space and I'm so happy with the results. You can see more photos here. Please get in touch if you have any projects that need unique handprinted textiles!


Day 14 - How I learnt

March Meet the Maker-33.jpg

I went to see the GSA Fashion Show this week and it was fantastic to see all the creations of the 2nd and 3rd year students. I studied on the same course: Textile Design GSA , and before that the GSA Portfolio Prep course. Here are my designs from the Fashion show in 2017. These were made before I started woodblock printing. The garments are all created from #furoshiki (square wrapping cloths) so that they could be disassembled after the show. I still have all the squares and can use for scarves, wraps etc. I'd love to make some more but woodblock printed. Maybe sometime soon!


Another week of Meet the Maker done! Two more to go. Glad I’ve managed to post everyday but still finding it quite hard to know what to post.