March Meet The Maker [week 1]

Are you taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker? I am! And I thought I would share the first few posts here for those who might have missed out on Instagram (darn those algorithms!) Here are the first seven days. I think it’s a great project as the daily prompts make you analyse your work and all the different aspects of being a designer / maker.

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Day 1 - Favourite to Make


Favourite to make for me is big lengths of fabric! I'm a bit limited for printing space at the moment but I hope to make some more big pieces one day soon. This print was from my graduate collection made last summer and photographed in the beautiful Kelvingrove park 🌳🌲☀️


Day 2 - How you started


I have always been a dabbler in art and design but I finally made the leap to go to university and study Textile Design after completing the GSA portfolio prep course. I had a look back at my application on to that course and this was one of the paintings I submitted. It was painted whilst I was living in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand and working for the fantastic Artist's Room Gallery and @theframersroom in Dunedin. Those lovely people gave me the confidence to start making proper art again and set me on my way... ☀️


Day 3 - flatlay


Drying woodblocks and an alphabet print for day 3 of #meetthemaker. I seriously need to work on my ‘flatlays’ for next year! Everyone else’s seemed so professional.


day 4 - tools & Materials


As a printer my inks are one of the most important materials I use. There are so many different types of textile inks to chose from as a designer. I use Soil Association (& GOTS) approved water-based pigment inks that are made in the UK. I've talked a little bit more about these in my blog post today, check it out to find out more.


day 5 - detail or close up

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 10.56.45.png

Here's a snap of a recent project. I love how woodblock printing has such a unique texture and it really highlights the fabric it is printed on. This fabric had quite an open weave and so really showed up the texture of the print. This is a cushion and part of a set of custom prints, I will share the full photos very soon!


day 6 - full or part-time


I have two hats! 🎩 Most of my time is spent designing and making (lucky me) but you can also find me each week at @balanceyogahealthglasgow where I work as a receptionist. It's a great job for meeting a variety of lovely people. Its also busy job...balance are a yoga studio but also they have chiropractors and other therapists and so there's lots of diary organisation! The best bit is that I get to go to the fantastic classes (currently enjoying Maureen's Saturday yoga class, she's saving my back!) 🧘

Here's my #risoprint 'Petals'. They just arrived this week and are available on my website now. Go have a peek!


day 7 - less glam side


Ironing is never glamorous! Things have to be nice and flat before you print and heat fixed after you print so I spend a lot of time doing this. The good thing is that it keeps me warm on cold Glasgow days the bad thing it can be a bit tedious. There's nothing quite as satisfying as a lovely pressed print. 


Wow that week went quickly! It’s been great seeing everyone else’s posts on the same topics, can’t wait to read more. Post your Instagram account below if you’re taking part so I can see your posts too.