Cornwall in August

It’s that back-to-school time of year, always a good time to have a bit of a re-think and prepare for the winter months. I am lucky to come from a beautiful part of West Cornwall and I have just returned from Glasgow after such a lovely break, we travelled around the UK with our new baby girl visiting family and friends. It was so nice to see so many friendly faces,  to catch up with people and also to reset a little bit.

The pause from work really helped me to think about where I want KYE to go, what is most important to me about my work and what I most enjoy. I hope that I can return to a more focused plan for the rest of the year. This includes social media and how much I put on Instagram etc, do any other makers find that this can take over from the creative side a little bit?

Visiting Cornwall also gave me some much needed inspiration, I always find something to inspire me when I head home to West Cornwall and this trip was no different. Some snaps below…


Favourite things to do in West Cornwall

I was lucky enough to grow up in West Cornwall, an absolutely beautiful part of the world and a place filled with artists, art history and fantastic galleries. I thought I’d share some snaps from a recent visit as well as some of a few tips if you are planning a trip!

Newlyn FILmhouse


A fantastic addition to the lovely town of Newlyn. This little cinema is perfect for a cosy night when the Cornish weather is blowing a gail or hailing on you! There are two screens and a fantastic cafe / restaurant with seriously yummy food.

THE Blue Bramble Gallery


Warning: if you go to this gallery you will leave with much lighter pockets! I always want to buy everything in sight and quite often have to restrain myself! Tucked away in the cobbled streets of St Ives and up a wee flight of stairs this is simply a treasure-trove of fantastic Cornish artists and makers. I’ve discovered so many fantastic creations in this gallery and always pay a visit whenever I am home. A must visit if you’re in St Ives!

Zennor Head Walk


I’ve been doing this walk since before I could walk! It’s a part of the coastal path route and just such a gorgeous place to get some perspective. Simply park in Zennor near the pub and head towards the sea. There’s a loop track or if you just fancy a short stroll you can walk to the big granite stacks and back.

What’s your favourite thing about visiting Cornwall? Or are you planning a trip and want more suggestions? Leave a comment below!

Cornish Colours

In February I popped down to Cornwall to visit family and to have a little seaside break from the big city. I was mostly drinking tea and writing up a business plan but in between I got to go on some lovely walks along the coast. Here are some of the photos I took and these will fuel new work in terms of both colour palette and patten. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!