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In Good Company [1]

I love living in Scotland for many reasons, one of them being the fantastic amount of creative, entrepreneurial and just darn talented folk who live and create original and work here. I am constantly discovering new makers and designs who I both envy for their talent but also take great inspiration from. Here are a few that spring to mind of late (I’m sure there will be many more I think of after I have posted this and so this may become a regular topic on here!). If you’re a Glasgow person you’ll be familiar with many of these already. If you think I would like your work please send me a link or comment below.

#collaborationovercompetition !

Jono Smart & Emily Stephen

Beautiful ceramics and wooden tableware from this pair. I absolutely want all of it in my home. They update their shop at intervals throughout the year so make sure you sign up to the newsletter otherwise they are usually sold out in a couple of days!

Heather Shields

Heather makes gorgeous woven textiles from her studio on the west coast of Scotland. I was lucky to learn from Heather during my time at Glasgow School of Art and although I chose to go down the printing route I am still inspired by woven textiles and especially her use of colour.


I got so many Christmas presents from East End Press! I love the vibrant colours and gorgeous illustrations that adorn their products. My favourites are the wooden hanging decorations…they are screenprinted in their Glasgow studio. Make sure you check out their Instagram feed as the process shots are so lovely!