The Wonderful World of RISO Printing

My Risograph collection

I love RISO prints and can never resist buying them from the illustrators and designers that I follow online. I have a growing collection and my walls are slowly filling up with them. Here are two of my recent purchases which I love, click the images to check out their other work…

Lucy Grainge - OEOEO - A3 Print

Lucy Grainge - OEOEO - A3 Print

The Printed Peanut - Gin A5

The Printed Peanut - Gin A5


What is RISO?

Risograph printing is similar to screen-printing, the process uses stencils and a limited number of colours to create a unique print. The stencils are made from teeny-tiny dots which create such a nice even ink effect. The machine itself looks like a really old photocopier but it is an incredibly efficient way to create a limited run of prints. The inks are soy-based and the stencils are made from paper. Ink is conserved in drums and

Petals Risograph DESIGN IDEAS

I wanted to create some of my own for KYE andI worked on a few ideas. Thanks to everyone who voted on instagram, I finally ended up printing #4!


Petals RISO Final Print

This is a limited edition of 30 prints, a softer design to that of my development designs above as I really wanted to highlight the overlapping RISO colours. I’ve hand numbered each one on the front and signed and dated on the reverse. The paper I chose is the recycled Cyclus Offset 170gsm. I went with these colours: fluro pink, fluro orange & yellow. These are now in my shop for £12.95.


What do you think? Do you love RISO too? Share your recent RISO printing successes below! Oh and definitely send me any great RISO prints that you have bought, I need to add to my collection!