travel inspiration

Cornwall in August

It’s that back-to-school time of year, always a good time to have a bit of a re-think and prepare for the winter months. I am lucky to come from a beautiful part of West Cornwall and I have just returned from Glasgow after such a lovely break, we travelled around the UK with our new baby girl visiting family and friends. It was so nice to see so many friendly faces,  to catch up with people and also to reset a little bit.

The pause from work really helped me to think about where I want KYE to go, what is most important to me about my work and what I most enjoy. I hope that I can return to a more focused plan for the rest of the year. This includes social media and how much I put on Instagram etc, do any other makers find that this can take over from the creative side a little bit?

Visiting Cornwall also gave me some much needed inspiration, I always find something to inspire me when I head home to West Cornwall and this trip was no different. Some snaps below…