woodblock print


Printing Again!

I’m so happy to start printing my new collection. It is a lovely feeling to see designs I have been working on come to life. The fabric is washed and pressed and then I lay out my blocks, have a cup of coffee and visualise the print. I then start printing, sometimes pausing for another cuppa, sometimes I print really quickly and sometimes I leave a fews hours or even a day to think about the composition.


Before I started printing I colour tested my inks and blocks…


I’ll post the final collection here when it’s finished (I can’t wait!!) I’ll have new prints and some lovely new products too - yippee!

Card Printing with the Glasgow Coastal Rowers

Little-known fact about me: I’m a member of the Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club! We row skiffs (22ft long four-oared boats, crewed by four rowers and a coxswain) on the river Clyde…okay, it’s not quite the coast but there are sometimes waves from passing passenger boats! I haven’t been rowing much recently due to the bump but I held a couple of card printing workshop with my good pal Emma. We taught some of the other members how to woodblock print and produced some lovely one-of-a-kind cards.

It was fantastic seeing the creativity of everyone involved and just to enjoyable to spend an afternoon crafting and chatting.

The cards are going to be sold to raise funds for the club, watch this space… I’ll post a link soon!